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Post-it® Brand 35 Years


Helping great ideas take shape for 35 years

For every idea, there’s a Post-it® Product. From the original canary yellow Post-it® Note to an entire spectrum of colorful options, we’re proud to create products that have helped ideas of all shapes and sizes come to life for 35 years.

  • From idea to reality in five steps

    From idea to reality in five steps

    Taking cues from GV’s rapid prototyping model, learn how you can brainstorm, create and test your next big idea with this brief how-to.

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  • Setting the foundation for better ideas

    Setting the foundation for better ideas

    Want to set up your brainstorm for the best possible outcome? The Design Gym believes that it’s what you do before getting to the ideas that makes all the difference.

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  •  Post-it® Brand + Startup Weekend

    Post-it® Brand + Startup Weekend

    Have a big idea inside your brain that’s just bursting to come alive? Look no further than Startup Weekend. These 54-hour entrepreneurial events bring a variety of areas of expertise together to accelerate ideas into reality. Of course, Post-it® Products are there every step of the way as teams go from brainstorming to pitching their breakthrough ideas to their peers.

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  • Paying it forward with Post-it® Notes

    Paying it forward with Post-it® Notes

    Often, a Post-it® Note creates something of immeasurable value. In the case of Rosa’s Pizza in Philadelphia, PA, they’re used to help encourage people to “pay a slice” forward to someone in need. See how these simple acts have created a visual wave of goodwill.

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  • Even more colorful ideas

    Even more colorful ideas

    1984: Well done, classic canary—but ideas comes in all colors! That’s why Post-it® Brand expanded it’s Post-it® Note offerings to a rich spectrum of reds, greens, blues and so many more

  • Accelerating ideas with GV

    Accelerating ideas with GV

    GV’s Design Sprint approach compresses the “ideation to prototype” process into five days. Discover how they arrive at decisions quickly—with help from Post-it® Products along the way.

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  • Changing the world’s self-image

    Changing the world’s self-image

    You are beautiful.” This simple sentiment—shared “anonymously” on a Post-it® Note and placed on a public mirror—created a movement aimed at ending negative self-criticism. See how Post-it® Brand has been used as a force for positive change on a global level.

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  • The brass tacks of brainstorming

    The brass tacks of brainstorming

    Undoubtedly, we’ve all participated in brainstorms of some (potentially multiple) type. But did you get the absolute most of your brainstorming sessions? Here are some simple—yet effective—guidelines to developing even bigger ideas.

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  • Getting pitch perfect

    Getting pitch perfect

    Congrats—you have a big idea! Now comes the hard part: making it a reality. Get the ins-and-outs of crafting your pitch presentation to help others realize your genius and possibility.

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  • Changing with the times

    Changing with the times

    As ideas evolve over time, so have our products—and even packaging. However, one constant has been our commitment to providing tools that work where you want, when you want.

  • Boosting memory with color

    Boosting memory with color

    What does memory have to do with developing ideas? Quite a lot, actually. Whether pulling on past experiences for inspiration or explaining the intricacies of a concept, a stimulated brain is likely to be more successful. And a little dash of color via Post-it® Products can help immensely.

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  • Writing a novel with Post-it® Notes

    Writing a novel with Post-it® Notes

    Writing a novel is no easy feat. That’s why Miss Novella (yes—that’s a nom de plume) chose to break up the process into a daily exercise on Post-it® Notes. She’s letting her book unfold on Instagram, one perfect note at a time.

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  • Keeping everyone on the same page

    Keeping everyone on the same page

    Whether you’re a student or a seasoned professional, developing ideas in teams requires management. Fortunately, Post-it® Products provide a simple, at-a-glance language to help keep everyone on track without too much handholding.

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  • Expressing your personal creativity

    Expressing your personal creativity

    Sometimes the most innovative ideas are the ones that let you express yourself. For 35 years, Post-it® Products have helped countless people channel their inner artist, filmmaker, sculptor…the list goes on and on. Discover how you can unleash the simple, yet universal, power of Post-it® Brand to create something wonderful.

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  •  I thought, what we have here isn't just a bookmark, it's a whole new way to communicate.

    "I thought, what we have here isn't just a bookmark, it's a whole new way to communicate."

    - Art Fry, inventor of the Post-it® Note