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Keep your day energised

Use Post-it® Tabs and Flags to find out if your system works--before you waste a single folder.

  • Working from home? Create a

    Working from home? Create a "commute."

    Before digging into your duties, give yourself a warm-up routing. Go outside and do a quick, daily task like taking a short walk or picking up a latte form the local coffee shop -- then head back home and get going.

  • Get out of that chair!

    Get out of that chair!

    According to Science Daily studies, taking brief mental breaks actually help you stay focused on your task better. Walk away from your work for ten minutes every few hours with personalised Post-it® Note reminders.

  • Track your day-to-day

    Track your day-to-day

    Keep a daily record of your productivity by jotting down what you did (or didn't do) on a Post-it® Note. Be purposeful with your colours (green = "done", pink = "to do", etc.)

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