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Laying out school work

Laying out school work

Follow along as Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano provides ideas and insights to help students be more productive learners all year long.

  • Students have more and more to do every year. With an increased focus on testing, students need to take note of all of the important information covered in class to be prepared on exam day. One of the best ways to tackle these exams is through organisation. Below are some quick and easy tips for helping students get organised and take on those exams.

  • Planning ahead with Post-it® Products

    Post-it® Super Sticky Notes are simply the best way to get your study life organised. They are easy to place and move around while maintaining their stickiness. Here are some simple ways to use them to organise your studying world.

  • 1. Essay writing: Planning out an essay is very important before writing. It is key to get all of the ideas out on paper and see what the best approach to writing it will be. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes allow the writer to get the ideas on paper and then move them around based on how the paper needs to look. Since they really are super sticky, each note can be moved multiple times and still be sticky for later. Moving ideas around is a great way to see the essay before it is actually written.

  • 3. Lab Work: Running experiments in the Science Lab can be chaotic at times, but a little organisation can help solve that problem. Using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to identify the experiment in class and the different parts can make it easier for students and professors to see what is going on.

  • 2. Project Planning: Projects often have many moving parts and it is important to identify those parts. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes allows people to visualize their project, but organise the work. This can be done through grouping of notes on a table or colour coordinating different aspects of a project. Projects can be organised more effectively by using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to clarify what is going to happen in the project and who is responsible for it.

  • By turning these tips into habits, students will be better prepared for the classroom and any exam that might come their way. Check out the entire line of Post-it® Products and share how you have used them in the comments section below.

  • Nicholas

    Nicholas “The Nerdy Teacher” Provenzano is a Google Certified Teacher who has earned acclaim for using innovative and collaborative techniques within his classroom. Keep up with his ideas at

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