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6 tips to make studying for finals less lame

6 tips to make studying for finals less lame

Use Post-it® Products to help keep you on task while studying for finals

  • 1. Study early and often.

    If you're looking up a study tips article, it might be too late for this, but we're throwing it out there anyway. If you can, start reviewing your notes and textbooks at least a week before finals. The more time you give the info to sink in, the more of it will stick.

  • 2. Stay organised.

    So, organisation is kind of our thing, we admit, but we make Post-it® Products for a reason. They help you keep track of ideas you've had (like when you use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes to write down thesis ideas at the end of a chapter), mark important passages to come back to (like when you use Post-it Flags to mark pages by colour) or help you take notes along the way without ruining your textbook (like when you use Post-it® Note Tabs and add notes directly to a page). But you know what? Organise however works best for you – just ORGANISE!

    Stay Organized

  • 3. Go to sleep.

    Seriously, staying up all night is not going to help you study better. You might feel like you're getting a lot done, but you're probably sapping your mental strength, not to mention getting cranky and annoying your friends. Close the books, turn off your phone and get some rest.

  • 4. Find some help.

    Put together a study group (and not the kind where you spend the entire time talking about random stuff and drama). Other people's ideas, perspectives and even note-taking skills can help you test just how sharp your knowledge really is.

  • 5. Make a schedule.

    Make sure you know which exams are coming up when and how much time you've got to study for each one. If you create a staggered study schedule, you can focus on what's most urgent and make sure no deadlines pass you by.

  • 6. Draw a mental picture.

    For that one tough fact, number or date you just can't remember, try assigning a mental picture to it – the weirder, the better. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the fact, but it can work surprisingly well to help you recall something later. So, if a fish in a bowler hat helps you remember that the Battle of Hastings happened in 1066, then a fish in a bowler hat is your new best friend.

    Draw a mental picture

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